We’re Partnering with Seneca College + York University!

As a leader in Canadian skincare, Céla is committed to expanding the research and development of Canadian-sourced ingredients to have a positive effect on both our community from an economic and scientific perspective. This is why we are announcing our exciting partnership with Seneca College + York University’s Centre for Innovation!

the Purpose

This partnership will allow us to delve deeper to discover and develop key skincare ingredient alternatives that are found only in Canada – such as Canadian Birch for anti-aging and Snow Algae, which is only grown in the Canadian and Swiss Arctic. This ongoing study aims to develop Canadian ingredients that are not only potent and a game-changer in the industry, but also sustainably sourced in our beautiful backyard.

our why

Working alongside these two established Canadian institutions means that we will

continue to push the boundaries of defining what true Canadian-made skincare can achieve. From running clinical trials to creating innovative and groundbreaking skincare products backed by scientific research and formulations – this supports our ongoing mission to provide and showcase the best of what Canada has to offer to our cherished community. With this in mind, we are currently working on our initial study – creating a product that will include a key Canadian-sourced ingredient to expand our facial skincare line.

Fig. 1: Canadian Birch

Fig. 2: Snow Algae

As Canada's first luxury clean skincare line, everything from sourcing ingredients to Céla’s aerial landscape-inspired packaging represent the best Canada has to offer – and this partnership truly embodies that with goals to put Canada on the forefront of the cutting-edge skincare scene.

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