Where Our Story Began

As a busy mother of three, beauty industry veteran and a 12th generation Canadian, Céla is an extension of our founder Celine Tadrissi's collective experience. Since opening the award-winning Hammam Spa over 15 years ago, her mission has always been to empower everyone to make wellness a priority in their life. 

From the Spa to Your Home 

Céla was created when Celine searched for high-quality, clean products to use at the spa and was frustrated by the lack of thoughtful, Canadian-made options that were up to Hammam Spa's professional standards. Recognizing that the home was also an important place to build ritual and supplement wellness in-between treatments, Céla is now available outside of the spa to elevate your simple home routine into a restorative self-care ritual that you will return to every day. 


Hammam Spa 

Innovative in concept and the first of its kind in Eastern Canada, Hammam Spa is both a sought-after destination and internationally-renowned industry leader.

Hammam has been awarded "Top 25 Spas in Canada" for the last 5 years with two prestigious locations in Toronto. It is currently the largest independently operated spa in Canada.


The Concept 

Turkish baths, called hammams, were spaces to both cleanse the body and purify the soul. Today, the spa has become much more personal and luxurious. A modern retreat inspired by ancient traditions, Hammam Spa is a place of renewal and growth. Where ingredients sourced from the earth are focused through science, to bring the beauty of nature into harmony with you. Where beautiful becomes spiritual.