The Art of Aging

As the beauty language shifts, we are less about ‘anti-aging’ and all about growing into our own skin. The process of age acceptance is ongoing and while it’s inevitable, it’s important to note that essential nutrients are vital for mature skin. With age, skin grows thinner and becomes less elastic.

Focus on these three body parts to ensure good health at the cellular level:

1. Hands 

Always exposed to the elements, your hands give away your age more than any other body part. Make sure to apply a sufficient amount of hand cream on all areas of your hands.


Photo by Ilenia Tesoro/Eyeem

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2. Neck 

Since the dermis of your neck is thinner and prone to wrinkling, a preventative measure you can take is to extend your daily face moisturizing regimen onto your neck.

Photo by Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

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3. Elbows

Loose elbows are unavoidable but they are often neglected. Treat your elbows to a thicker consistency or ointment for maximum absorption.

Photo by Marcus Ohlsson

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Celine's Tip

While allowing time for the cream to melt into skin and its plant-powered ingredients to be absorbed, practise mindful breathing. Deep inhalations will ensure you derive the uplifting and mood-balancing benefits.